Thursday, January 29, 2015
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Network Building Some people think that followers build up on their own. This couldn't be further from the truth, building a page takes talent, skill, time and resources. You wouldn't trust a nurse with conducting a brain surgery, so why trust someone with out proven results with your business.
Social Sharing is Important Creating content that users will share takes talent. There are various factors that go into account when figuring out just how much traction something will get. We do everything we can to maximize this to deliver results. See what Budget Social Media can do for you!
Any Social Network Budget Social Media has the ability to provide social media services for any network online. You need Foursquare coverage, we got it. You need Youtube coverage, we got it. Email us for details on what we can do for you with these services.

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frontpage “Amazing Service. Unbelievable Prices.” Bringing Professional Social Media within reach of even the smallest businesses

Social Media is growing at an exponential rate right now, with Facebook making up the largest of the networks. Getting yourself in on the action and gaining your piece of the pie takes dedication, talent and hard work. While it possible to do it yourself, it isn't always practical. Not only does one have to learn the curve, they also have to dedicate the time. We can do this all for you, saving you money, time and delivering results.

At Budget Social Media, we also recognize that not everyone has the money, or the need, to hire a full time person, or agency to deal with their social media. What we did was create a plan for our smaller clients to provide them with professional services, but on a smaller scale that anyone can afford. We bring unique ideas to the table to increase your fan base, increase your interactions, and make your goals for social media your reality.

Budget Social Media leverages years of experience in internet marketing as well as social media for your company to prosper. We not only bring unique ideas for increasing your social media presence to the table, we also execute them, and our results speak for themselves. Whether you have an event you are promoting, a website that needs a presence, a store front, or a product, we have solutions, and we deliver.

While we do cover ALL social networks, as with most companies, we do have a specialty, that is Facebook which is by far the most important social network. With 750 million users, this is the largest website in the world and has a massive user base. We have driven hundreds of thousands of fans to our clients pages and have developed highly specialized techniques to gain you the biggest following for the best price.


Social Media Facts

Here are some numbers that might surprise you about Facebook:

Over 750 MILLION active users
50% of people log in daily!
Accounts for 25% of USA Page Views!
Average user has 130 friends!

And some Twitter stats!

145 million users
300k new users PER DAY!
65 million tweets per day!
10th largest website in the world!

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